Calling All Creatives!

Please join us for our 2016 Mini-Conference featuring Allen Arnold. Here's a note from Allen about what you can expect...

Allen Arnold
I invite you to join me April 23rd for a day of breakthrough creativity. 

At this event, a rare group of of writers will gather in Oklahoma City for a time of ideation, restoration, and creative renewal. It is an interactive experience that fuses the practical with the mysterious. 

Everyone who attends will receive a spiral notebook that has been personalized with a unique message inside. It's the perfect place to take notes during the event - and to remember God's specific invitation to you on this journey.
The following thoughts provide a glimpse of what's to come at the event. Please join me for what promises to be a creative feast for storytellers.

1) Realize tips and techniques can only take you so far.
The craft of writing is both necessary...and not enough. As founder of one of the largest Christian Fiction divisions and former publisher to more than 500 new and best-selling authors, I know there is a deeper foundation. There is so much more...and it begins by looking at the two Creative Realms. 

2) Learn to Savor God's Identity as Creator.
In Scripture, the first way God introduces himself to us is as Creator. Many of us are so familiar with the details of Genesis 1 that we miss the reason why God chose to reveal this aspect of himself before any other–and how that affects our approach to creativity. 

3) Understand how knowing your Story leads to better stories.
When you know the themes and the scars of your Story, you better understand the Creator's invitation into the stories you were born to write. This breakthrough principle will shed light on the truer you and the truest form of your creativity.

4) Escape the creative resistance that derails you.
At times, we all feel overwhelmed, weary, disheartened, or isolated. What you may not realize is that these dry, dusty places are often traps set by the enemy. Discover the various Creative Deserts...and the way out.

5) Stay creative for the long haul.
Within a few years, many artists burn out or fade out. Learn how to be the exception through the art of Kintsugi and the way of Spiritual Manna. 

6) Discover what God thinks of your creativity.
Really - is there any higher goal than this? During the day, we'll individually enter into what C.S. Lewis refers to as a "thin place" where we'll listen to what the Creator's has to say about our creativity.

I hope to see you April 23rd!

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