New Online Classes Offered

OCFW is excited to announce our online classes for 2013. If you're a writer looking to hone your craft, this is an excellent opportunity to learn from experienced professionals.

Our first class will be "Fearless Research" taught by Darlene Franklin. Darlene will show how to take the fear out of research and discover the fun. The class will focus on “how-tos” such as research to solidify your proposal; research to add authenticity; research to add detail and create setting; research to write about the unknown; research of language usage. This class will involve homework and will run May 6th - May 17th.

Our second class offering will be "Writing the Synposis" with instructor Camy Tang. The exercises in this class will ensure that your story structure has all the vital elements, including character external goal, internal/spiritual arc, obstacles/conflict, climax, and resolution. This class will run August 5th - August 16th.

Our classes are conducted through email using Yahoo's group services. All correspondence is done via email, including lessons, homework and Q&A. The cost of each class is $25.00 for non-OCFW members and $20 for members. A great price for such valuable information and interaction with these knowledgeable instructors.

Click here for more information and to register.


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