Review: One Christmas Eve

Title: One Christmas Eve
Author: Robin Patchen

Review by: Lacy Williams

Patchen's debut book is a keeper.

I love Christmas stories, but this isn't the same-old, same-old. Blake Carmichael is an actor who is trying to overcome being estranged from his son. Except his teenaged son sneaks out in the night. With Tallie's niece. When Blake and Tallie go after the teens, they start to get to know each other and sparks fly... until Tallie thinks she finds out Blake's true nature. But what's the real truth? Will they find the kids? Will Blake find a way to reconnect with his son?

Sharp dialogue and strong characters, plus a fast pace will keep you turning pages. I couldn't put this book down and I bet you won't be able to either. Highly recommended.


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