Review: The Homesteader's Sweetheart


Reviewed by Regina Jennings

Cheaper by the Dozen Meets Love Comes Softly - 5 Stars

To watch Penny Castlerock and her fine ways you wouldn't think that some of the best years of her childhood were spent at her grandparents' farm. The life she lives as a prosperous banker's daughter has nearly erased those fond memories. But when an unwanted suitor makes a nuisance of himself, she sees a return to the Wyoming prairie as her only escape.

Jonas White could never forget the spoiled girl he watched while laying bricks next to her expensive school, and Penny can't forget the scandal between him and one of her classmates. When their paths cross again, Jonas is the father of a motley crew of seven boys and a girl whose seizures have forced them into financial ruin. Desperately trying every remedy, Jonas will spend his last dime to find a cure.

Lacy Williams' book is delightful. She gives us a quiet, humble hero in Jonas, and Penny charms in every scene. Add to that the raucous mischief eight meddling children can create and a creepy villain and you have a great story that remains with the reader long after the last page.


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