Reviews of Darlene's books

I'm delighted to post reviews for books by one of our own members, Darlene Franklin. Here are my thoughts on two of her books:


By Darlene Franklin

Review by Lacy Williams

Joe Knight meets Michelle Morris outside a major league baseball game and impulsively asks her out. Michelle is attracted to the intriguing man, but impulsive seems to be his middle name, and she needs a little more security in her life. Can Joe convince her to give their relationship a chance?

Darlene Franklin draws you into the characters’ lives and immediately begins unfolding a sweet romance with real, relatable characters. The “castle” theme throughout is charming. The characters face real conflict that is handled well.

A fun read and one I recommend!

Knight Music

By Darlene Franklin

Review by Lacy Williams

Sonia Oliveira arrives in Ulysses, Colorado, knowing she needs to find her the inspiration she’s lost so she can continue in her art career. When she meets Ty Knight, instant attraction sparks. But Ty’s got a secret and it could destroy not only him, but Sonia as well.

Franklin’s characters are well-rounded and deep, giving them both backgrounds that really flesh them out and provide valid reasons for their storylines. The continuation of the “castle” theme from the previous Plainsong is again charming and well-done. Another charming read and recommended!


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