Book Review: Marrying Miss Marshal

Marrying Miss Marshal

By Lacy Williams

Reviewed by Regina Jennings

Danna Carpenter doesn’t understand why the town council of Calvin, Wyoming, elected her Marshal after her lawman husband died. They show her no respect and don’t support her efforts to catch a gang of rustlers. To make matters worse, city-boy Chas O’Grady arrives in Calvin and Danna has her hands full keeping him from getting hurt in his attempt to hunt down a murderer. Just when she’s getting used to O’Grady being her deputy, their relationship becomes more complicated and much more personal.

Marrying Miss Marshal is chockfull of excitement. From the opening scene of a life-threatening stampede to the last outlaw apprehended Lacy brings the action. And just when you think it’s safe to relax, she introduces complications between the Marshal and her Deputy like a forced marriage of convenience and a mysterious journal from someone in Miss Marshal’s past.

Lacy has gifted us with two intriguing protagonists and a lively town full of interesting characters. I hope to spend more time in Calvin, Wyoming, soon.


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