Conference memories - 2010

Lacy here, with a post for the ACFW National Conference Blog Tour. I want to share some of my experiences from the 2010 conference in Indianapolis:

1) Tag-alongs. This was the first year I'd brought my husband (and daughter, 9-months-old at the time) to conference with me. Although they didn't attend any of the sessions or meals, it was really cool for me to see them having some special daddy-daughter bonding time. Most of our conference took place on the second and third levels of the hotel and one of the hallways leading to the bathrooms had a window looking down to the pool area... once I was taking a bathroom break and saw hubby and baby playing the pool, both of them LAUGHING... I personally love those moments seeing them interact and just love each other so this was really cool for me.

2) Getting to meet my editor face-to-face. I'd just signed my very first contract with Love Inspired Historical in August, and turns out my editor, Emily Rodmell was one of two LI editors attending conference in 2010. So we got to meet face-to-face, sit down and talk about what she was looking for in the future from me, I asked some marketing questions, etc. It was really cool, because she's from New York and I'm from Oklahoma, so it could've been years before we met in person.

3) Sitting down with my agent, talking shop, and praying together. I'd met my agent, Sandra Bishop, several times in person at previous conferences. However, this was my first time to meet her as a signed client of MacGregor Literary. :) We had a great meeting, she gave me some career advice, and what really touched me was her heartfelt prayer about our writer/agent relationship and my career. I was NOT surprised when she won Agent of the Year at the awards banquet.

4) Getting to meet ACFWers I had never met before. This was my third ACFW conference and with those past experiences "under my belt", I felt more comfortable about reaching out to others. Sometimes just to say "hi", some of you that I met was outside the editor/agent appointment rooms when I helped direct traffic. Getting to know other people is a great benefit of going to conference.

Sadly, I'm not going to make it to St. Louis this year. Hubby and I are expecting a little boy in early September and I doubt I'll be doing much other than getting to know this new little person who will be in our lives. I will REALLY miss you guys (I'm not kidding--I've had two dreams about conference in the last couple of weeks), but I'm already planning for next  year...


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  1. I appreciated the comment about you and your agent praying together. When I get an agent, I want that kind of a relationship.

  2. Congratulations on expecting your second child, Lacy. I wish you could go to conference but what a blessing to you and your family to have another child.


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