Review of LOVE'S RAID by Darlene Franklin

A huge thank you to OCFW member Terri Weldon for submitting this review.

Love’s Raid

By Darlene Franklin

Reviewed by Terri Weldon

Spinster Clara Farley is focusing her energy and her inheritance on creating an academy for girls. She dreams of the day women will be allowed to vote, not the day she’ll marry. All that changes when she begins negotiating with the town constable Daniel Tuttle on the purchase of his family home. Daniel is attracted to Clara, but fears he has nothing to offer her. Why? He lost his arm in the War Between the States. He can’t dream of any woman being interested in less than a whole man. When the local bank is robbed Clara offers an interesting theory about the robbers. She is pleasantly surprised when Daniel takes ideas seriously, after all few men in 1864 would. Together they work to discover the identity of the robbers even though the discovery may break Clara’s heart.

Darlene has created characters you’ll fall in love with. The setting is beautifully woven into the story the reader will feel as if they are visiting Vermont in the fall of 1864. I hope Darlene provides her readers the opportunity to visit Maple Notch again.

Love’s Raid is a delightful read and I strongly recommend it.

This book will be available through Amazon or your favorite Christian retailer in the future, but for now you have to order directly from Heartsong Presents. Click here to see the book page and for ordering details.


  1. Thanks, Terri! So glad you enjoyed Love's Raid. I am hoping JoAnne (at Heartsong) will be interested in three stories about Clara and Daniel's grandchildren. . .


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