Review of Linda Goodnight's A Place to Belong

A Place to Belong
By Linda Goodnight

Reviewed by Lacy Williams

Widow Kitty Wainwright is happy being single. She’s not interested in dating, only preserving her late husband’s memory and running her motel in the small town of Redemption, Oklahoma. Jace Carter has been in love with Kitty for awhile now, but he’ll never tell her. Why? Because of his dark past. He knows that even though he and Kitty have a shared faith now, what he’s done and who he’s been would ruin any chance of them being together. So why is he so drawn to the lovely widow? When someone from Jace’s past shows up in Redemption, Jace faces the choice of revealing his past or keeping quiet. Can God help Kitty get over her past love? And if He does, will He clear a way for Jace and Kitty to be together?

Linda has a way of creating strong emotions in her characters that really make the reader feel connected to them. It’s no wonder she is a past RITA winner and the first two books in this series have been nominated for the 2011 RITAs.

Linda also has a gentle hand with setting. She creates a beautiful town filled with quirky characters in Redemption, Oklahoma, and uses such deft touches to bring the setting to life that the reader feels they are there without long, clunky paragraphs of description.

This is an excellent read and I highly recommend it.


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