Recap of today's meeting with Ronie Kendig

Ronie's book table - so creative!

We had a wonderful meeting today with guest speaker Ronie Kendig. She talked about pacing and especially those moments in your novel that you really need to slow down the action so that the emotional impact can be complete.

Some of Ronie's tips were to consider the types of action in your manuscript (normal, slowed, or high action), consider if the action is necessary to the manuscript, and consider the emotional impact of the action to your character.

Ronie signing books for us
We also were blessed to hear Ronie's story of her journey to publication and how she manages her writing time with four kiddos and a husband at home, plus homeschooling and volunteering with ACFW too!

Ronie, thanks so much for a great meeting! Hope you can come back again soon!

You can find more about Ronie on the web at or

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  1. Thank you so much, Lacy! I had a fabulous time. Y'all are so much fun and easy-going. I really appreciate your letting me come and share.

  2. Now you HAVE to come to WIN, Ronie!!


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