Fall 2010 newsletter

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From "Neighbors", a short story written by OCFW member Julie Jarnagin:

Rachel pounded her fist against the red door. No answer. She pulled her bathrobe tightly around her and stabbed the doorbell.

The street was empty except for the lone jogger who had already passed the house. She leaned toward a narrow window and squinted to see through the darkness. On the other side of the glass, a face appeared inches from her own.

Rachel jumped, her heart beating in her throat.

She took a deep breath, trying to calm her fried nerves. If she had slept last night, she might have had the energy to be embarrassed about peering into this stranger’s home.

A door lock clicked from inside the door, then another click and another. Wasn’t three locks a little overboard for this quiet little slice of suburbia? Until now, the most trouble she had had on this street was the extra pounds she gained from the sweets the neighborhood kids sold for their fundraisers.

The door creaked as it opened halfway, and a man, probably nearing his thirties like Rachel, glared at her. ...
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