Recap of Martha Rogers' talk

We had a great meeting today, including one visitor and one new member.

Martha was great and shared some tips on Deep POV. They included:
  • Watch out for phrases that signify telling ("he thought", "she felt", "he wondered", "she knew")
  • Watch out for telling prepositions ("with glee"; "in frustration"; "a snicker of derision")
  • Watch use of sensory data ("he could see", "he could smell")
  • Eliminate telling "ing" phrases.
Martha also shared a formula for getting your writing into deep POV: (1) show the emotion; (2) show why; (3) show what caused it. A simple example could be: (1) Charlie slammed the front door behind him. (2) Why wouldn't Ashley believe him (3) that Harold was using her help for nefarious purposes?

Mischelle C. also gave us some great tips on backstory and when to use it/not to use it in our "Building Blocks" segment of the meeting.

Keep an eye out for details of our May meeting with Terry Burns of Hartline Literary.


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