Writing magazines

Reading craft books is one of the ways you can improve your writing. But what if you don't have time to read a whole book, even in short snatches?

How do you sort through all the blogs and information online to find out market news that is relevant to YOU?

Might I suggest subscribing to a writing magazine? One of my favorites is Writer's Digest, which has great articles on writing and interviews with authors, and it also has a section on market news, contests, etc.

Something to think about...


Date selected for booksigning festival!

Mark your calendars! OCFW will be hosting a

Multi-author Booksigning Event


July 17, 2010

We want to help our local/area authors promote Christian fiction. With the help of Mardel, we're doing a booksigning/festival. So far, our authors will be:

Janet Lee Barton
Margaret Daley
Darlene Franklin
Linda Goodnight
Myra Johnson
Vickie McDonough
Carla Stewart

Keep an eye on this blog for updates - we've got a lot of exciting things in the works for this event!


Auction results

Our EBAY and live auctions were a great success!

We raised over $170 to pay for speaker fees and other chapter expenses.

OCFW, thanks for all you did, including donating items for the gift packs, donating time to put them together (Denice!), spreading the word, and also buying some of our items.

You guys are the best!

Recap of Martha Rogers' talk

We had a great meeting today, including one visitor and one new member.

Martha was great and shared some tips on Deep POV. They included:
  • Watch out for phrases that signify telling ("he thought", "she felt", "he wondered", "she knew")
  • Watch out for telling prepositions ("with glee"; "in frustration"; "a snicker of derision")
  • Watch use of sensory data ("he could see", "he could smell")
  • Eliminate telling "ing" phrases.
Martha also shared a formula for getting your writing into deep POV: (1) show the emotion; (2) show why; (3) show what caused it. A simple example could be: (1) Charlie slammed the front door behind him. (2) Why wouldn't Ashley believe him (3) that Harold was using her help for nefarious purposes?

Mischelle C. also gave us some great tips on backstory and when to use it/not to use it in our "Building Blocks" segment of the meeting.

Keep an eye out for details of our May meeting with Terry Burns of Hartline Literary.

Welcome April new member

A warm OCFW welcome to our newest member, Regina J. Welcome to OCFW, we are glad to have you as a part of our group!


PAMPER YOUR FAVORITE READER - 2010 Gift Pack auction is live

Need a Mother's Day gift for that special someone in your life? Or want to introduce a friend to Christian fiction?

Have we got a deal for you - a way to PAMPER YOUR FAVORITE READER!

OCFW has put together a bunch of gift packs that include BOOKS, BOOKS, & more BOOKS, plus gift items like lotions, candles, coffee, and other gifts! These items are being sold on EBAY, and you can find them here:


With gift packs in almost every genre, we've got something that will please the reader in your life (even if that reader is YOU!). And these are a GREAT DEAL - multiple books plus other gifts for one low price. AND they're already wrapped!

Please share the link above with anyone who might be interested in this event - church groups, other friends, email groups. The more interest that OCFW gets in our baskets, the more we will raise to pay our out-of-town speakers and other chapter expenses.

If you aren't sure how EBAY works, you can visit the following link:



We will have four gift packs/items that will be auctioned off LIVE at our meeting in a silent auction. They are:

  • a 15-page manuscript critique/consult by agent Terry Burns (of Hartline Literary)

  • Writer basket, including:
    • 20 Master Plots and How to Build Them by Ronald B Tobias
    • The Writers’ Guide to Self Promotion and Publicity by Elane Feldman
    • Plaque "Home is where our story begins"
    • Copy & print paper (500 ct)
  • Writer basket, including:
    • Pocket Idiots Guide to Beating Writer’s Block by Kathy Kleidmacher
    • Elements of Style by William Strunk Jr and EB White
    • The Writer’s Digest Handbook of Novel Writing – editors of WD
    • Writer’s Clock
    • White wicker basket
  • Mixed-genre Reader basket, including:
    • Plain Jayne by Hillary Mountain Lodge
    • Quaker Summer by Lisa Samson
    • Hannah Grace by Sharlene MacLaren
    • Her Only Protector by Lisa Mondello
    • Second Chance Bride by Jane Myers Perrine
    • Her Baby Dreams by Debra Clopton
    • Showdown by Ted Dekker
    • Wire basket

You definitely don't want to miss the OCFW meeting on April 24!

If you have any questions about our gift packs, auctions, or meeting, please email Lacy at ljyw at cox dot net (see email link at right of page).

Happy bidding!


April Speaker, Martha Rogers

OKC Christian Fiction Writers will be hosting author Martha Rogers at a special time, 11:30am-1:00pm on Saturday, April 24. OCFW meets at Mardel Christian Education and Books, located on the corner of 33rd St. & Boulevard in Edmond, OK.

There will also be an author booksigning after the meeting from 1:00-3:00pm at the front of the bookstore.

For the meeting, Martha will be discussing Diving Into Deep Point Of View.

Are your characters shallow, with only their surface thoughts and feelings shown to the reader? Learn how to delve more deeply into what a character feels deep down and what his/her thoughts are as they react to various situations. Learn how to get your reader more involved with your characters and to really care about them. Get rid of much of that internal monologue using Italics and replace it with more indepth thought or reaction from your character.

Although Martha's primary writing experience is in non-fiction, she has been writing fiction for a number of years. She is a retired teacher who enjoys spending time with her husband and their family, especially her grandchildren in Houston. Martha is a member of ACFW and writes a weekly devotional column for the group.

Her book credits include the novella, Sugar and Grits; seven Bible studies; contributions to compilations by Wayne Holmes, Karen O'Conner, and Debbie White Smith. Martha has contributed devotionals to several anthologies including the soon to be released Whispers of Wisdom for Step-Moms from Barbour. She is also the director of the annual Texas Christian Writers Conference and treasurer of the Woodlands Chapter of ACFW, WOTS in Houston.

Becoming Lucy, book one of her new series Winds Across the Prairie, was released in January, 2010 and book two, Morning for Dove releases in May, 2010. Books 3 and 4 are scheduled for release later this year and in January, 2011. In addition Key to Her Heart, in the anthology River Walk Christmas, will be released in September, 2010.

For more information about the author, please visit www.marthawrogers.com.

OCFW meets the fourth Saturday of every month from 1:00-3:00pm in the back room of Mardel's.

Short interview with Martha Rogers

Martha agreed to answer a few questions for us so we could find out a little bit about her before we meet her later this month. Here goes:

When did you first know you wanted to be a writer?

MR: I always liked to write and make up stories for my dolls and paper dolls, but it was in college English that I realized how much I loved it. My dream was to someday be a published writer, but I had no idea where or how to begin, so I just wrote.

What was the first story you wrote?

MR: The first story I wrote was a story for my sister when we were kids. She was sick and I thought it would cheer her up. I wrote a novel when I was 17. Still have it, but it will probably never be published.

Are you part of a local chapter/group?

MR: Yes. I am a member and treasurer of our Woodlands ACFW group, Writers on the Storm, and I am also treasurer of our local chapter of Inspirational Writers Alive and President of the State organization.

What benefits have you received from being part of a local group?

MR: I've learned a great deal from them in the way of writing techniques as well as benefitted from the critique sessions. I went to my first writing conference back in the early 90's because of IWA! and made my first contact with editors and Cecil Murphey. My first two articles were published because of those meetings, and Cec led the way for me to be included in several compilations.

Tell us about Becoming Lucy (out now) and Morning for Dove (May 2010). How did you get the ideas for these books?

MR: Lucy started out as a short novella submission to Tynedale. After it was rejected, I decided to expand it and make it longer. I learened a lot about Oklahoma while traveling to visit our son and his family in Tulsa. I changed the setting from Texas to Oklahoma and lengthened the story to include Jake's past and Lucy learning to live on the ranch. Dove is a friend of Lucy's. I got the idea because my husband's grandmother was a Cherokee whose family was on the Trail of Tears and so Dove became the daughter of a Cherokee woman and a white rancher. Both are stories of forgiveness and reunion.

What is one thing you have learned through your journey to publication?

MR: I learned there is nothing I can do to hurry the process along. I can only study, write and revise. I must pray, persevere and be patient.

What was the hardest part of your journey?

MR: Being patient to wait on God's timing. I thought He was being much too slow.

Martha will be speaking on Diving Into Deep POV at our meeting on Saturday, April 24. We will be meeting at a special time, 11:30-1:00, then Martha will be doing a booksigning for her books from 1-3:00.
Hope to see you there!


April meeting at special time!

We'll have the full press release for our April speaker, Martha Rogers, up later, but I wanted to make a special announcement about the TIME of our April meeting.

We will be having our meeting from 11:30-1:00 (we'll eat lunch during the meeting), then a booksigning for Martha from 1:00-3:00.

Martha will  be speaking on DEEP POV, which I'm really looking forward to. So mark your calendars!