Membership Drive

Announcing the first-ever OCFW spring membership drive!

The board is asking our members to promote our group through inviting new attendees to our meetings. Ideally, we'd like to see each member refer at least one new member to our chapter.

We’re offering a prize for the member who refers the most new members: $50 toward any writing-relating expense (must be used in 2010). This can include conference fees, books related to craft, contest entry fees, etc.

The membership drive will be from March 1 – May 22 (our May meeting date). In order to get credit for members you refer, they will need to put your name on their membership app as ‘referer’, or if you didn't contact the person directly, they should list where they got the information about our meetings (for example, their local library where you posted a flyer).

We are also offering a special membership deal for students, either college students or high school students. They can receive a discounted membership fee (OCFW discount only - they still have to be an ACFW national member) of $10. They must show a student ID/proof of current enrollment to receive the discount.

For your convenience, we have provided printed flyers and brochures. You can find PDFs of these on separate blog posts, as well as a sample draft of an email you could send out to promote OCFW.

Here is a list of suggested places where you could promote our chapter:

-other writer’s groups/critique groups
-church bulletins
-people you know
-writer’s conferences
-local libraries
-local places: coffee shops, bookstores, community centers
-colleges (UCO, OC, OU, OCU, Rose State, OSU-OKC, other?)
-high schools

The board is very excited about this event and I hope you will be too! Watch for updates on how the membership drive is going.


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